Digital Marketing This Week:
July 12, 2014

This week, Digital Marketing This Week covers, a tool that makes improving your SEO easier, an in-depth discussion on psychological techniques used to improve conversion and a discussion on how you can double your website conversions. Watch the full video for the entire discussion—or catch the headlines summaries below:

This Week's Episode:

1) Check out Powered by Search’s Ultimate Guide To MozBar

What is it? It’s a new extension that you can use as a tool to boost your SEO performance. What does it do? It gives you a summary of what’s going on a particular URL from an SEO perspective. How can it help you? Moz is an authority that knows SEO inside and out, and if they’re developing a tool that can help you with your SEO, you should definitely get in on that. How does it work? Check out the full video for our live demonstration of how to use the extension.

2) KISSmetrics tells you how to convert more customers using psychological techniques

We give a more in-depth discussion in the video, but here are some of the highlights—

  • Turn it from “should I do this or not” to “of course, I should do this” – reduce the friction that’s required to think.
  • People like to stay congruent to the label assigned to them—but be subtle about this! Give them a label they can associate with in the copy.
  • Admit shortcomings—it makes you more relatable.

3) Here’s how you can double your website conversion from Preneur Marketing

  • Minimize leaks
  • Build trust
  • Make it easy to take action

We give our own tips and hacks anchored on Preneur’s ideas on the video too!

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