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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Advertising

You may have noticed, organic (meaning unaided by advertising) reach of your Facebook posts has slipped. Significantly. Which is why a lot of marketers like yourself are dabbling into social media paid advertising. The statistics are promising. On Facebook, desktop ads have 8.1X higher click through rates; while mobile ads have 9.1X higher click through rate…

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Digital Marketing This Week: A Beginner’s Guide To Retargeting – Episode 30

This week we’re giving you a beginners guide to retargeting! We have a more in-depth discussion of retargeting (and a live walk through of the process) on the video…  so be sure to watch the video. But in the meantime, you can check out the show notes below. Retargeting is the best way to reach out to…

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Digital Marketing This Week: Getting Started With Facebook Ads – Episode 29

It’s all about how to get started with Facebook ads in this episode’s Digital Marketing This Week… Today you’ll discover how to get you familiar with Facebook’s business portal, how to get the best rates for ads and a strategy you can use to get you started for less than $10. As always, the best way…

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