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Episode #51: Digital Marketing This Week

This week in “Digital Marketing This Week” — Should you be worried about the rising popularity of mobile ad blockers? Should you use Pinterest’s “buyable pins?” Have you heard of Google’s new product, Customer Match? When was the last time you checked if your website was secure? Read our quick summary below of check out…

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Episode #50: Digital Marketing This Week

This week in “Digital Marketing This Week”, we get a look into what marketing experts think of Facebook’s new “empathy” button, explore the relation between neuroscience and social sharing, how eye movement affects your conversions, what programmatic means and how it relates to micro-moments… Read all about it below or catch the full episode here……

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Episode #48: Digital Marketing This Week

This week on “Digital Marketing This Week”, we delve into: The latest changes Facebook advertising has rolled out, The right techniques in search engine marketing, and Google Analytics Reporting Basics Catch the full episode here or read a quick summary below…   First up… Facebook ads… Facebook is trying out new ad formats that they hope to be…

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#47: Digital Marketing This Week

This week on “Digital Marketing This Week” we covered… some possibly disturbing trends in mobile, how 4 little letters could help to improve your conversions, tips on how you can connect to your customers better on Facebook, the latest feature from Google Analytics, and why it’s important to remember who you’re talking to. Read all…

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#46: What’s New In Digital Marketing This Week

What’s new in Digital Marketing This Week? WordPress updates, Twitter revamps and Live-Chat just to name a few! Watch it here, or read the summary below. What can you expect with the new WordPress “Billie” Update WordPress reports the release of their latest update. “Version 4.3 of WordPress, named ‘Billie’ in honor of jazz singer…

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#40: Understand Your Customers to Increase Conversions – Digital Marketing This Week

This week on Digital Marketing This Week, we covered “A Marketer’s Guide To Conversions.” If you want to check out the whole episode, you can find it below… But for a brief overview of the topics discussed, including a framework you can use, ideas on where to start and other tips and tricks, check out the show…

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