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Digital Marketing Conferences Worth Attending

Attending digital marketing conferences are a great way to learn, connect, and gain valuable insight into a thriving industry! Here’s a list of some digital marketing conferences worth attending… Traffic & Conversion Summit (aka T&C) Traffic & Conversion (aka T&C) is held annually, typically around the 1st quarter of the year. T&C has all the elements of…

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#37: Get More Done with Productivity Tools – Digital Marketing This Week

      It’s all about productivity in this episode of Digital Marketing This Week. We’re talking about how to get more things done, how to do it less time and do with minimum effort. For the full discussion, be sure to check out the full video. But if you only have a few minutes…

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How to Improve Your Team’s Online Collaboration

The SeriouslySimpleMarketing team is located all around the world. We found ourselves a secret that I’ve used to improve our team collaboration online–Google Apps for Work. Take a look at what you currently have to run your business–maybe you have a small team, where everyone is using their personal email addresses. Maybe they are all…

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Increase Productivity with These Free Online Tools

Increasing productivity, especially when you’re a marketer working from home, can be challenging! Afterall, it’s easy to get sidetracked by the latest Buzzfeed article when you should be checking your metrics, or watching TV when you’re supposed to be checking stuff off your to-do list. Fortunately, modern technology has come to the rescue once again! Here are…

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Digital Marketing This Week: A Beginner’s Guide To Automation – Episode 31

For the latest episode of Digital Marketing This Week, we’re giving you a beginners guide to automation. If you missed the live webinar, you can catch the full episode here. Or, review the topics discussed in the show notes below, which will tackle– What aspects of marketing can be automated. What tools you can use…

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Inbox By Gmail

Could email (as you know it) be over? There’s a different way to access your email.  It’s called Gmail Inbox (different from regular Gmail)–it’s currently accessible via invitation only and, according to Google (or many people who has had the opportunity to download the app), it’s a smarter, newer way to manage your email; a different…

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