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How to Improve Your Team’s Online Collaboration

The SeriouslySimpleMarketing team is located all around the world. We found ourselves a secret that I’ve used to improve our team collaboration online–Google Apps for Work. Take a look at what you currently have to run your business–maybe you have a small team, where everyone is using their personal email addresses. Maybe they are all…

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Tried And Tested: A In-Depth Review

You have to hand it to self-taught geeks—when they recognize a need, they’re right there ready to do something about it. That’s exactly what Lynda Weidman did; and her brainchild, is a testament to the kind of ingenuity that prompted the growth of an online empire. Her site is now recognized as the go-to…

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Tried And Tested: A CrazyEgg In-Depth Review

In this review, I’ll cover a heatmapping tool called Crazy Egg. Along with Google Analytics and split-testing tools like Visual Website Optimizer, Crazy Egg should be a part of every marketer’s toolbox. Here’s why… Marketing isn’t about putting up a page and crossing your fingers…hoping that it will work. True marketers put up a page…

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Tried And Tested: An In-depth Asana Review

As a marketer, you’re likely to need to organize yourself and your team. In this review, we’ll go over one tool you can use. It’s called Asana and it’s one of the most popular project managers available on the market today. Not surprising, given that its focus on simplicity was a combined effort of creators…

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Tried And Tested: A HostGator In-Depth Review

HostGator’s reputation has taken a hit over the past year or so as they were plagued by outages and downtime.  But, from what I can tell, most of this has been addressed and was happening during a period of transition as they moved their servers from one location to a much larger location in Houstin,…

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Tried And Tested: A GoDaddy In-Depth Review

When I was just starting out, I signed up for GoDaddy. You’ve probably already heard of it, they advertise A LOT. And when you’re new in the industry and you don’t know any better, you think—oh, that sounds popular, let’s go with that. Don’t. GoDaddy is a jack-of-all-trades, sure. It offers domain name registration and…

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