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Stop Scratching Your Head – Finally Know What Works, What Doesn’t
And What You Should Do Next

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Stop Marketing In The Dark – Get The  Data You Need To Make The RIGHT Marketing Decisions, Boost Conversions And Increase ROI

What Is Measurement Marketing?

Simply put, Measurement Marketing is using data from multiple sources to understand your customers, how they are acquired and how much time and money they spend with your business.

Then, using that information to make actionable decisions about changes you can make to your marketing, ad campaigns and website.

Once you know the amount of information you can learn, you will begin making every decision based on information you can measure.

You’ll Get Immediate Access To:

Only $79 a month.  Cancel anytime. For any reason.

If you Don’t Know These Things About Your Customers You Will
Never Succeed At Your Business

Who are they?

Where do they come from.  What are they searching for?  How old are they?  How did they find your business?  What technology are they using?

What are they doing?

What infromation are they engaging with?  What videos do they watch?  What sales pages turn them off? What links do they click?

How much do they cost you?

What are you spending on ads?  Which ads bring paying customers?  What do your leads cost? What is the value of a customer?

How much do they make you?

What is the lifetime value of your customers?  How many products do they buy?  What products do they buy most often?

As a Professional Member you will learn how measurement marketing works and use it to target your customers and fuel your growth.

The Measurement Marketing System is For You If:

You are frustrated and unsure and you know it’s all on you to create a succesful ad campaign, sales funnel and
marketing plan.

You need to know what questions to ask and how to
find the answers.

You need to see examples of what other businesses are doing and how they use their data to succeed.

You realize you can’t rely on plugins, ad networks, or sophisticated and costly software to tell you the truth
about your marketing metrics.

You don’t understand what Google Analytics is trying to tell you and you know you need to compare numbers from
one source to data from another.


Our Superstar Support

Monitored support channel and Members Only Facebook Group for you to ask questions, share screenshots, and get answers from our team.


Access every lesson

Watch any or all of the more than 60 “over-the-shoulder” lessons – all designed to show you why and how a measurement marketing system works – each includes Q/A from the live broadcast. 


Google Analytics Report Card

20-point questionaire ensures your analytics account is set up to give you clean and accurate data – crucial first step.


Quick Start Learning Guide

Know within minutes exactly what lesson path to follow – no matter what your current knowledge is. 

You’ll Get Immediate Access To:

Only $79 a month.  Cancel anytime. For any reason.

If You Do Not Know Who Your Visitors Are, What Brings Them To Your Website And What They Do When They Get There, You Are Wasting Money On Marketing That May Or May Not Be Working

Once you learn how to find the truth about what’s happening with your funnel, you’ll immediately save MONEY on your advertising, “fix” your leaking funnels, and know exactly which strategies bring you the most leads, customers, and cash!

With The Measurement Marketing System, You’ll Know: 

Exactly Who Your Customers Are And How To Target Them

Why and on what pages your website visitors are reading and engaging with - and what's making them leave your site...

Which ads are working to bring you paying customers, and which ads bring you duds.

What "latest & greatest" marketing strategies really work for your business.



Setup your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track where your customers come from and how they travel through your website.  Start with the basics and move into advanced tracking to generate more leads and sales.


Understand the metrics you are tracking with basic and advanced reports.  Learn to segment and filter data and use multiple reporting tools to create a strategy based on real data, not guesses.


Target customers using the data you have acquired. Learn how to test ads, optins, sales pages and optimize every step of your funnel to increase conversions and save money.


Create engaging blog content, grow your list, and monetize your traffic with the most up-to-date tools and methods – email marketing, content, SEO, social media and advertising will continually bring high-quality leads and customers.

As a Professional Member you will learn how measurment marketing works and
use it to target your customers and fuel your growth.

Here’s What You Get As a Professional Member:

Immediate access to the ENTIRE “Workshop Library”

This is HUGE. The moment you upgrade to a Professional Membership, you’ll get instant access to 50 (and counting) comprehensive workshops.

Google Analytics

Do you need help creating goals and understanding traffic flow through your site, engagement on your sales pages or across multiple domains or different devices?

Google Tag Manager

Wondering why you should be using Google Tag Manager and want to know how to get started?

Or are you ready to get more advanced with pixels, scripts and events firing?

Advanced Analytics & Tracking

Are you ready to learn how to use some of the advanced analytics features?  Need help with e-commerce set up and reporting?  Advanced segments? Cross domain tracking?

Split Testing and Optimizing

What are current trends in split testing? What are best practices? How do you create funnels that bring leads and sales?


Understanding Reports

How do you customize reports to determine the most valuable data for your business goals? What are your users demographics?

SEO & Content Marketing

What keywords bring you the most traffic and what keywords should you optimize for?  What content creates the most engagement?

Email & List Building

How can you grow your list? How can you get emails to your inbox? Which users are engaging and buying on your site?

Social Media

What posts or ads are working? How do you set up Facebook campaigns? How do you set up pixels to retarget? Who should you retarget?

Professional Level Support 

Have questions?  We have answers!  With numerous support options to help you get started today with tracking, analyzing and optimizing. 

Additional Resources and Tools

As you dive into the Workshop Library you’ll see that every Workshop comes with it’s own set of additional bonus resources.

Resources like additional guides, online tools, and more are at your disposal. Use them for additional insights on the topic your covering or as shortcuts to get to where you need to go.

For example, in the “How to Track Traffic” Workshop, you not only see how to track traffic, you actually get a tool that customized to help make it even easier for you and your team to actually do it.

Private Facebook Group

With your Professional Member upgrade, you’ll get access to the Professionals Only Facebook Group where you can get on-demand help from our team and your peers.

You find experts on tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and marketing, asking their own questions and offering help to one another.

Plus, you’ll see the Seriously Simple Marketing team in there answering questions and posting new updates so you stay on the cutting edge.


Private Chat Room

It’s a whole new level of access that’s exclusive to Professional Members!

Chat live during the live broadcast with other Professional Members.

Not only do your questions get answered first, you’re able to get help from other marketers like you.

If you can’t make a live broadcast, that’s OK. We keep the chat room archive open for the week so you can always go back and see what you missed so you never fall behind.


Dedicated Expanded Support

As a Professional Member, you get access to exclusive support through a direct connection to the Seriously Simple Marketing team.

Have a question that you don’t want to share in the Facebook group?  Need a little more hand holding on how to setup a goal or a fresh pair of eyes on your sales funnel?

This is the perfect spot to get answers to your questions in a more private setting.

Join Today and Get Instant Access to Everything You See Above

  • Unlimited access to weekly workshops
  • Q/A Chat during live workshops
  • Student edition of each workshop with enhanced presentation
  • Workshop Library with 50 (and counting) prior lessons
  • Additional resources and tools with each workshop
  • Dedicated support line to our team
  • Private Facebook group

Seriously Simple Marketing is a trusted leader in the analytics & optimizations field.

Contributor and Speaker to: 

You don’t just need analytics, you need analytics you can trust and professionals who can make heads or tails of it. When it comes to implementing systems the only company I trust is SeriouslySimpleMarketing.

Justin Rondeau

Director of Optimization, Digital Marketer

When I have an advanced issue with Google Analytics — I call Mercer. He just flat out knows his stuff when it comes to conversion rate optimization and analytics.

Russ Henneberry

Editorial Director, Digital Marketer

Get Personal Help, Peer Support & Instant Access to More than 50 Workshops, Resources and Tools.

What does this look like? 

Just a few of the workshops waiting for you inside: 

  • “I’ve Set Up Google Analytics, Now What?”
  • “An Intro To Google Tag Manager”
  • “How To Setup Facebook Campaign Tracking”
  • “Facebook Remarketing Using Google Tag Manager”
  • “A 14.5 Step SEO Checklist To Get Higher Rankings”
  • “Using Heatmaps to Improve Conversions”
  • “How to Increase Traffic & Engagement to Your Site”
  • “How to Set Up E-Commerce In Google Analytics”
  • “Advanced Segments”
  • “An Introduction to Regular Expression”
  • “Using Funnel Analytics Reports”
  • Buyer Paths: How to Figure Out What Paths Your Buyers Follow
  • How to Figure Out: “Who Are My Visitors?”
  • How to Figure Out: “Where Are My Visitors Coming From?”
  • How to Figure Out: “What Actions Are My Visitors Taking?”
  • How to Analyze: “Google Analytics Demographic Reports”
  • Deep Dive Tour: The Assisted Conversions Report

Real Tim Chat, Dedicated Support and Private
Facebook Group

Once you become a Professional Member you’ll see a chat window open to your during the live workshop each week. Ask all the questions you need and we’ll answer them right then.  You’ll even have access to the chat history after the event in case you want to go back and review. 

Your questions are our priority because we want you to succeed! So, we also have a Dedicated Support Channel where the Seriously Simple Marketing crew will answer any additional questions you have.  It’s like having an analytics and optimizations team at your disposal. 

 Plus, use the private Facebook group for more questions or if you want additional help and input from our team and other members or want to discuss insights and optimization strategies with your peers. 

Money back guarantee 

Within the first 30 days you’ll be head-over-heels in love with your new Professional upgrade, patting yourself on the back for taking advantage and upgrading.

 If you’re not, let us know and get a full refund.  That gives you an entire month to jump into the Workshop Library and watch as many Workshops as you’d like… ask as many questions as you’d like… take full advantage of being a Professional Member.  (We like to keep things seriously simple around here!)

Succesful marketers use these tools and insights to save money
and improve conversion rates.
Now, you can too!

How much do you spend on marketing and advertising?

If you’re a business owner with a website and using social media marketing and advertising, Google Adwords, display ads or are spending money and time creating content for your site then you CANNOT AFFORD to waste another dime.  

You can trust the analytics those services provide, but what they don’t know is how much time users spend…  What content are they reading?  What videos  are they watching? What products are they looking at?  How do they travel through your site?  What do they buy?   Are you advertising to the demographic of people that are your “Fans” or to the fans who actually convert? 

Don’t waste another dime!

You have two choices – continue to waste $50 or more every week advertising and marketing to users you aren’t tracking.   Or spend just $49 per month to track and understand your audience and optimize your site to increase conversions.

Our members love it and you will too.  Give it 30 days and learn all you can.  If you don’t like it we’ll give you your money back.  You can cancel anytime.