What’s their secret?”

That’s the big question – isn’t it?

“What do other business owners have that I don’t?”

“What are they doing that I’m not?”

Everywhere you turn you see your competitors and colleagues making it big.

Their business is doing great.

Their ads pop up everywhere (how much money are they spending on all those ads?!!)

You’ve tried everything “they” tell you to try.  Facebook ads.  Email marketing.  Blog posts.

Maybe things have improved.  But not what you hoped for.

Am I right?

It’s safe to say most of us have gone through this exact same frustration.

And only a few ever learn the secret.

Luckily, through much trial and error, we did.


The “secret” is called data-driven marketing. And it works.

Successful business owners know how to use data to optimize their marketing, optimize their sales funnel and optimize their advertising.

Data-driven marketers:

  • know who their customers are,
  • where their customers come from,
  • know which customers browse and which customers buy,
  • know how much they pay for each customer and each conversion,
  • and know what changes they should make every step of the way to make it work better.

They know this because they use FREE tools like Google Analytics to track, analyze, and influence their website visitors to convert into buyers.

Wait.  I know what you are thinking.

“I use Google Analytics too.”

But the question is…are you really using it the way it is meant to be used?

Do you understand all the bells and whistles?  (and believe me there are a lot of bells and even more whistles.)

Do you make daily decisions about which ad you use and what landing page you send traffic to based on data?

You can probably see that marketing without data is like the blind leading the blind.

And that’s where we come in…

When you activate your Seriously Simple Marketing Membership you will have a guide through the darkness, every step of the way.

When you become a Professional Member of Seriously Simple Marketing, you’ll feel like a Professional Marketer…

You will start implementing systems and strategies to understand your data, fix the holes in your marketing and become one of the few in your industry who are in on “the secret.”

Data-driven marketing works! 


30-day free trial. Only $49 per month. Cancel anytime.

What’s included with your 30 day trial membership?

Weekly workshops covering the tools, reports and insights succesful marketers are using to target the right audience, create the right ads,  and build sales funnels that convert.


Setup your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to track where your customers come from and how they travel through your website.  Start with the basics and move into advanced tracking to generate more leads and sales.


Understand the metrics you are tracking with basic and advanced reports.  Learn to segment and filter data and use multiple reporting tools to create a strategy based on real data, not guesses.


Target customers using the data you have acquired. Learn how to test ads, optins, sales pages and optimize every step of your funnel to increase conversions and save money.


Create engaging blog content, grow your list, and monetize your traffic with the most up-to-date tools and methods – email marketing, content, SEO, social media and advertising will continually bring high-quality leads and customers.

What else?

Access every workshop we’ve ever created in the “Workshop Library”

Comprehensive Workshops Covering Basic to Advanced Tools & Strategies

This is HUGE. The moment you join, you’ll get instant access to our member site with 55 (and counting)  detailed workshops. Each workshop fully covers the subject matter and leads you step-by-step through implementation.  You’ll be able to watch a workshop, complete the set up, implement a new strategy or tool with just a few minutes of your time.

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager


Understanding Reports

Split Testing and Optimizing

Advanced Analytics & Tracking

SEO & Content Marketing

Email & List Building

Social Media

30-day free trial. Only $49 per month. Cancel anytime.

What if I have a problem or question?

Your Professional Membership comes with a team of
professionals waiting to help you.


Private Chat Room

It’s a whole new level of access that’s exclusive to Professional Members!

Chat live during the live broadcast with other Professional Members.

Not only do your questions get answered first, you’re able to get help from other marketers like you.

If you can’t make a live broadcast, that’s OK. We keep the chat room archive open for the week so you can always go back and see what you missed so you never fall behind.


Dedicated Expanded Support

As a Professional Member, you get access to exclusive support through a direct connection to the Seriously Simple Marketing team.

Have a question that you don’t want to share in the Facebook group?  Need a little more hand holding on how to setup a goal or a fresh pair of eyes on your sales funnel?

This is the perfect spot to get answers to your questions in a more private setting.

Private Facebook Group

With your Professional Member upgrade, you’ll get access to the Professionals Only Facebook Group where you can get on-demand help from our team and your peers.

You find experts on tracking, analyzing, optimizing, and marketing, asking their own questions and offering help to one another.

Plus, you’ll see the Seriously Simple Marketing team in there answering questions and posting new updates so you stay on the cutting edge.

Is there more?

Of course!  More tools, more resources, and more bonuses…

Student Version & Additional Resources

As you dive into the members area, you’ll see that every Workshop has a second, student version. These videos have been edited to detail the content and images with zoom effects and outlines on screen shots so you can study each step.

Additionally, you’ll see a course map, a list of other workshops you may need to build on a skill, links to additional content and even see how long the workshop should take in order to plan accordingly.

Bonuses, Bonuses & More Bonuses!

Guides, worksheets, spreadsheet templates and more await you. You’ll have access to materials we have created for ourselves and our clients. Need help using it?  Just ask!

A few examples include: 
The UTM Builder
Google Analytics Goals Guide
Funnel Math Forecaster
14.5 Point SEO Checklist
The Google Analytics Report Card

30-day free trial. Only $49 per month. Cancel anytime.

This seems like a lot of information…

It is.  But that’s why we made it Seriously Simple.

Every workshop lasts an hour or less.  Start with just one.  Set it up.  See how easy it is.  Ask questions whenever you need.  Then try another.

Participate in discussions in the Facebook Group and build on your learnings.

Watch another workshop.  Use one of our free tools to help you even further.  And ask more questions.

You have a team of analytics experts in your corner waiting to help.

While the smartest marketers begin to understand, learn and use analytics to enhance their marketing efforts, other will be left behind.

Stop getting left behind.

Stop paying for ads that don’t bring you high quality visitors.

Stop drawing conclusions about your marketing based on guesses or inaccurate data.

Stop wasting your profits (or your capital) targeting the wrong people from the wrong places.

Stop spending money on social media, display advertising and relying on skewed analytics to tell you if they are working.

Get a full 30 days – completely free.  You’ll be head over heels in love with being a Professional member!  If that’s not the case, you can cancel anytime.  You will still be able to attend live workshops, keep all the free bonus resources, and know that when you need us, we are here to help.

How’s that for keeping things seriously simple?

30-day free trial. Only $49 per month. Cancel anytime.

30-day free trial. Only $49 per month. Cancel anytime.

Seriously Simple Marketing is a trusted leader in the analytics & optimizations field.

Contributor and Speaker to:

You don’t just need analytics, you need analytics you can trust and professionals who can make heads or tails of it. When it comes to implementing systems the only company I trust is Seriously Simple Marketing.

Justin Rondeau

Director of Optimization, Digital Marketer

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  • Dedicated support line to our team
  • Private Facebook group