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Using The F Pattern For Digital Content Creation

New technology has shown us how to approach content layout in a completely different way. Specifically I’m talking about heat maps and eye-tracking studies that demonstrate how people actually use web content. They tell us that people read content differently when on the web versus on print. Where people will generally read from top to bottom…

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Is Your Website Scaring Customers Away

Is Your Website Scaring Customers Away?

Could your website be scaring away customers? You’d be surprised how one little change can make your sales funnels more appealing (and improve those conversions)! I covered this exact question during a recent talk I gave at the Performance Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, and figured I’d share a summary of the answers…

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Top ThemeForest Themes For 2014

As marketers, we love OptimizePress.  But sometimes, you need a theme that isn’t geared to marketers.  That’s when we turn to a good WordPress theme marketplace, like ThemeForest.  There’s no better place when it comes to selection and value. Here are some of our favorite themes so far in 2014… Enfold In terms of streamlined simplicity, nothing beats…

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Tried And Tested: An OptimizePress 2.0 In-Depth Review

If you asked me in 2013 to give an in-depth review of what I thought of OptimizePress 2.0, I would’ve said— don’t get it. It’s clunky, buggy, and difficult to use. (Actually, that’s exactly what I did say when it first came out.) And yet here I am, a year after it has been released,…

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Tried and Tested: Social Triggers Blog

The Anatomy of a Great Wordpress Blog Is it possible to… Create a website that can rank at the top of global searches? Pull numbers impressive enough to generate a six-figure revenue? Be one of the most read and credible resources of consumer psychology? Create a raving fan base that gets hundreds of comments and shares? Yes!…

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Internet Marketing And The Mobile Market

It wasn’t so long ago when we could barely be pried away from our  desktop computers. Yet here we are, with our smartphones in one hand and our tablets in another.  In fact, there are predictions that say mobile is set to takeover desktop Internet usage by the end of 2014. Do you agree? Let’s take…

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