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How to Use Google Analytics Like You Know What You’re Doing

Google Analytics is the number one analytics tool that the top marketers use to get all their insights. It’s what helps them to make proper, data-driven decisions when they’re creating their sales funnels and campaigns, and ultimately, what guides them into generating revenue and profit from replicable systems. Unfortunately, most marketers barely ever get started…

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Optimize Your Website For SEO Using Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization. For many of us, these three words hang over our heads daily. They are the words that confound and confuse, and for many marketers and business owners, beginning to optimize SEO is one of the last things you decide to take care of. But, unless you have a very profitable company with…

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How to Setup Ecommerce Reporting in Google Tag Manager

Wondering how to setup ecommerce reporting in Google Tag Manager? Getting your ecommerce data to report in Google Analytics can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be if you use Google Tag Manager.  Especially if you have an ecommerce platform or cart system that does not readily integrate with Google Analytics. In our case,…

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Migrating to Google Tag Manager: An Easy to Follow Guide

I should be the first one to admit that the there’s a bit of confusion on this topic. So let’s set things straight. Google Tag Manager is not a substitute for Google Analytics. When you’re migrating from Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager, what you’re really doing is moving the control of what and how…

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A Direct Response Marketers Pinterest Strategy – Create, Track, Test and Optimize

It’s no secret that Pinterest is still skyrocketing in popularity. This direct response marketers Pinterest strategy will help you take advantage of that trend.  But first, a few interesting facts. According to TechCrunch, Pinterest is the 2nd Largest Traffic Driver Worldwide in social referrals, and the Pinterest demographic is ripe for making purchases: More than…

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The Top 5 Benefits Of Google Tag Manager

Allow me to make a bold statement. Google Tag Manager is one of the best things that’s happened to data-driven marketing in years! I’m fairly new to analytics-centric marketing (been doing it for just over 18 months) and I have been told over and over that if it can’t measure it, then you can’t manage…

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