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Top Marketing Tools We Loved Using in 2015

It’s that time of year again…end of year “best of” lists… the best songs, the best new websites, the best video games, etc. Here at Seriously Simple Marketing, we brainstormed and decided we would share our top marketing tools of 2015 with you. Many of these tools may be old favorites that we can’t stop…

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Content Marketing Checklist: 10 Tips Before You Publish

Don’t be too quick to hit publish after you’ve finished writing that post! Chances are, there’s a little typo in there or even a glaring error that you probably missed. So I created this quick content marketing checklist to help guide the way. 1. Keyword Specific Your article should focus on a couple of keywords that will…

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#47: Digital Marketing This Week

This week on “Digital Marketing This Week” we covered… some possibly disturbing trends in mobile, how 4 little letters could help to improve your conversions, tips on how you can connect to your customers better on Facebook, the latest feature from Google Analytics, and why it’s important to remember who you’re talking to. Read all…

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Digital Marketing Conferences Worth Attending

Attending digital marketing conferences are a great way to learn, connect, and gain valuable insight into a thriving industry! Here’s a list of some digital marketing conferences worth attending… Traffic & Conversion Summit (aka T&C) Traffic & Conversion (aka T&C) is held annually, typically around the 1st quarter of the year. T&C has all the elements of…

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5 Split Testing Ideas To Improve Your Landing Page

Split testing is a very useful tool. But to get meaningful results, you have to know what to test for and be open to learn from the results. Here are some split testing ideas you can run to improve your landing page and get real and actionable results. ‘WHERE’ Depends On ‘WHAT’ Something as simple as…

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Content Marketing Tools to Improve Your Productivity

Content marketing can be time-consuming. But with a good plan and tools, you can become more effective, which will help make a big difference in your content marketing productivity. SEMrush To find out how your competitors are ranking on Google, SEMrush can help you find out not only how much traffic they are getting but…

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