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Optimize Your Website For SEO Using Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization. For many of us, these three words hang over our heads daily. They are the words that confound and confuse, and for many marketers and business owners, beginning to optimize SEO is one of the last things you decide to take care of. But, unless you have a very profitable company with…

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How to Make Keyword Research Easier

For anything and everything that you need, search engines, like Google, have the answer. They know what answers to give, by recommending the right site. Google knows the “right site” by choosing the URL that has the “right keywords.”  Which is why keyword research so important. So we thought we’d share the same process we do…

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SEO “After the Click” – Why Web User Experience Matters

As a content marketer, you should really focus on the user’s online experience. Here’s why… When SEO first started, it was all about creating content that would get you noticed by search engines, which led to a lot of shortcuts that didn’t really add value for users (spammy links, etc.). It wasn’t long before Google…

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SEO Keyword Basics

Choosing the right keywords plays a huge role in getting your site noticed by the search engines.  New to SEO?  No problem! Here are some SEO keyword basics… There’s more  to keywords than just thinking of a couple of words and sticking it into your article. Here are basic guidelines that you should keep in mind when…

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The Basics Of Backlinking

Backlinks, as Wikipedia defines them are incoming links to a website or web page. You may also hear backlinks referred to as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and inward links… not to mention “backward linking.”, And theoretically, having your blog content linked back to as many websites as possible will mean more visibility on Google,…

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Understanding SEO, Black Hat Techniques, And The Ethics Of Digital Marketing

Here’s an interesting question that was sent to us this week— What is black hat SEO, and is it something that I should worry about? If you’re new to the term “black hat SEO”, here’s how Wikipedia defines it: “Black hat SEO attempts to improve rankings in ways that are disapproved of by the search…

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