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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Site

WordPress is a great platform—it’s simple, easy to learn, and very customizable. But like any other open source, content management system, it pays to make the effort to speed up your WordPress site and make it run a little faster so that it can— Help increase conversions Rank higher in search results Provide a better…

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WordPress Plugins Every Marketer Must Have

Once your site is up and running, it’s now time to install the WordPress plugins that every marketer must have. Here’s a run down of the plugins we use (and some alternative options)… SEO WordPress SEO by Yoast is actually our preferred plugin and the one that we use. It’s the most comprehensive SEO plugin available…

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WordPress Releases Critical Security Update

In case you missed it, WordPress just released WordPress 4.1.2. [UPDATE: Shortly after we posted this, WordPress released a major update to 4.2.  Personally, I’m a fan of not doing major updates until they’ve been out in the real world for a few weeks at least.  However WordPress, did offer an update from 4.1.2 to…

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A Marketer’s Guide To Security – Digital Marketing This Week – Episode 41

What’s new for Digital Marketing This Week? We’re focusing on a marketer’s guide to security. We wanted to come at it from a marketer’s perspective and give you a guide on how to approach it. For the full webinar, be sure to watch the entire episode.   If you’re like us and use WordPress for…

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Top Tips To Secure Your WordPress Site

Whether you’re using a free or premium WordPress theme, one of the biggest concerns about running a site is security. A recent study reports that 70% of WordPress blogs are left vulnerable to hacker attacks. Here’s a collection of tried and tested security guidelines that can help keep you ahead of the pack… 1. Start At…

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Top ThemeForest Themes For 2014

As marketers, we love OptimizePress.  But sometimes, you need a theme that isn’t geared to marketers.  That’s when we turn to a good WordPress theme marketplace, like ThemeForest.  There’s no better place when it comes to selection and value. Here are some of our favorite themes so far in 2014… Enfold In terms of streamlined simplicity, nothing beats…

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