10 Easy Ways To Repurpose Content

Fact: Marketers, particularly solopreneurs, are very busy. When you’re in charge of handling everything, it’s hard to find the time to create fresh content. But it shouldn’t be. All you need to do is repurpose existing materials—your blog posts, for instance.

Here are our tried and tested ways on how you can repurpose your blog posts to encourage engagement and get more out of your content—

1. Turn an article into a simple PDF checklist

Take the main points from your blog post and create a simple checklist that your audience can download as an easy reference. Make sure you stamp the page with your logo and have plenty of links back to your site (or, even better, affiliate links)!

2. Use your existing blog content or topic and turn it into a podcast.

Using simple recording equipment, you can easily repurpose text and turn it into an audio file. Even staying in a quiet room and using your computer’s internal microphone to record will work. The important thing is to keep your content relevant and engaging. Here’s a tip—try to make the tone as conversational as possible; don’t simply read off the page.

3. Break it up into smaller posts

Review your collection of blog content and see if you have posts that you can cut up into several blog posts and re-publish it as a series.

4. Listen to your readers

Check out your comment section and see if your readers are requesting for any particular topic or if they have questions. You could even use them for a Q&A style feature.

5. Cater to visual readers

Use your blog post as basis to create an infographic that summarizes its content. Even the most basic graphic design skills can lend itself to a good infograph. Take your main keywords and headers, find an appropriate visual and create a simple infographic that can help give your blog a visual flow. If you need help on the design aspect, you can go on www.fiverr.com to find a graphic artist who can help you with the task.

Once your infograph is ready, you can now use it as an incentive for your users to optin or provide them with bonus material that they can download.

6. Make it into a handy, downloadable reference

Convert your blog posts into a PowerPoint presentation and use as an added incentive for people to optin for your offers. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to engage your users; as well as a tried and tested method we use for our blogs.

7. Tap into your social media

Try Tweeting out the main point of a blog post, point by point over time (and with links back to the post).

8. Use your network

Put your network of influencers to good use. Think of a topic and collect quotes from experts on the subject.  Then use those quotes as social shares.

9. Review your blog posts

Gather all similarly themed posts or topics that talk about a particular topic and publish it as an ebook.

10. Share what you know and like

When thinking about what to write on your blog, it can get pretty overwhelming. Narrow down your options by sharing what you, yourself are interested in. There are so many articles out there that you read—why not talk about what you’ve read and share the information? It’s a good way to simplify the idea generation process when you’re building content for your blog.

In Conclusion…

There are other ways, of course—but these are by far, some of the easiest ways to repurpose content. If you have some to share, would you mind leaving them in a comment below? (Remember too, your shares count! If you like this post, please share it.)

– Mercer

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