5 Tips To Create A Call To Action That Works

Getting your visitor to click. That’s what a call-to-action is all about, right?

Creating an effective call-to-action (CTA) is never as simple as you think they may be.  So I figured I'd pass along a some tips..l

Here are 5 steps you can create your perfect Call-To-Action.

1. Start With Action

It’s best to start with a single word here. What exactly do you want them to do?

Here are a few examples:

  • Start
  • Download
  • Get
  • Send

2. Define The Offer

What are you offering? Express this as clearly as you can and in the shortest way possible when you create your CTA.

Our CTA’s might now look like this:

  • Start Free Trial
  • Download Special Report
  • Get Free Membership
  • Send Whitepaper

3. Emphasize Urgency

When should they expect to get the benefits of your product of service?

Our CTA’s can continue to build::

  • Start Free Trial Now
  • Instant Download To Special Report
  • Get Instant Free Membership
  • Send My Whitepaper Now

4. Location, Location, Location

Read through your copy and place your CTA near where there are natural “consideration points.” That is, right where people are most likely to consider taking action.

5. Graphics Count

Something as simple as an arrow next to your call to action, making your CTA button stand out, or using a more “active” tone can prompt big results. Add graphic elements so that you call attention to your CTA.

ResumeBaking - JPEG

Image credit 

Look above a this example from Resume Banking. Notice how the CTA color is in contrast from the backdrop? The visuals all draw attention to the button while pointing out the user benefits of clicking it.

Geekletics - JPEG

 Image Credit

Here’s another example–but this time–notice how, while well designed, the CTA almost blends into the background? It takes an active voice, sure, but you barely even notice it. It doesn’t make you feel compelling enough to click.

In Conclusion

Review the CTAs on your page and adjust them to follow these steps. You’ll likely see better conversions.

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– Mercer

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