Digital Marketing This Week: Episode 24 – How To Optimize A Sales Funnel

What’s new for Digital Marketing This Week? It’s all about how to optimize a funnel–

This Week's Episode:


While this doesn’t have to be specific to a sales funnel, we are going to talk about this week’s focus topic within the context of a sales just to give you guys a clearer picture of the different steps that you can take .

JPEG - Optimize Sales Funnel

Typically, you will think of your sales funnel using the example above.

Suspects refer to people who may or may not be interested in your products. Prospects refer to people who have become curious about what you have to offer. Then there are leads which are people who are definitely interested in what you have to offer and finally, customers, those who you have converted to your brand.

When it comes to digital marketing, it drills down to something more specific with all of these conversion steps–

JPeg - What are conversions

–and this is actually why most conversions fail.

These are not the steps going on in your market’s mind. Because what’s really going on your market’s head is something like this:

JPEG - What are conversions really

They notice your ad, then you move on to get their interest, where you then help guide their next action and get them to click on the ad. Once they click on the ad, you need to get to the confirmation phase, where you affirm your audience that yes, they’re on the right page; at which point you need to work on getting their interest, before you guide their action.

Remember that all these conversion decisions happen in nano-seconds.

The way I think about it personally is to slow this process down–

JPEG - Advertizing Nods

Focus more on how to optimize each step for your users, while considering the baby steps that they have to go through.

Don’t get overwhelmed. We go through the entire funnel step-by-step on the webinar so be sure you check out the entire thing.

But before you do, let’s talk about this question that all great optimizers ask:

JPEG - matching expectations

Don’t create a disconnect for your users by offering something completely different form your ad to your site. The whole point is to allow your users to do minimal guessing–prep them for what’s to come from your ad and think about how each step leading to your site will live up to what was promised.

Finally, let’s talk about some basic optimization steps:

  1. Define your “nods” – the individuals steps that lead to your conversion.
  2. Match expectations – what you offer on your ad should live up what your site and product should actually offer.
  3. Measure & Test – Don’t guess. There are ways that you can measure and test how effective your methods are, test it, track your results and tweak your process based on these metrics and results.

Again, pick a single idea from today’s topic and make sure you implement it until you get the hang of recognizing what works and what doesn’t. If you want additional information, be sure to listen to the entire webinar where we go into a more in-depth discussion of the different steps and tips on how to optimize your funnel.

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