Digital Marketing This Week:
Episode 14 – List Building

What’s happening in Digital Marketing This Week? It’s all about LIST BUILDING and 5 surprisingly easy ways to build your list. Specifically, how do we build a list from the traffic that we already have?

Be sure to listen to the entire webinar to also get the ONE thing all good list builders have in common and you can also check out a brief summary of the show below.

This Week's Episode:

1. Use popups

Popups work more than they annoy—take advantage of that. Generally, audiences don’t really notice whether or not you have a popup.
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.07.49 AM

2. Post specific offers

By post, I mean blog posts. When you’re developing your blogs, provide value added offers that are specific to the actual content on the page.

3. Create 2-step links

This helps build momentum for your audience.
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4. Think outside the sidebar

The sidebar isn’t the only place where you can have an optin. Review your About pages, offer resource guides, social media links, 404 pages, checklists, comments and share rewards.

5. Double-optin direction

Don’t be afraid of turning audiences away. Remember that all you’re asking your audience to do here is to click on a link. So if they can’t even be bothered to click on a link to confirm your email, chances are, they won’t be engaged enough to participate in your activities.

Be sure to listen to the entire webinar to hear the full and in-depth discussion on various tips on how to make these 5 tips more effective as well as the single thing that great list-builders all have in common.

Before we wrap up, just a couple quick updates in the industry—

1. Twitter is enabling a buy button.
It’s not available to everybody yet but it’s something that you should really keep on your radar. If this works well, this would be interesting in terms of expanding your marketing efforts.
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.37.58 AM

2. Google has announced the 3rd Penguin update
This is going to be major and will come out in 2014. But as long as you’re producing good, shareable content, then you don’t have to worry about anything.

– Mercer

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