Traffic & Conversion 2015 Recap – Digital Marketing This Week – Episode 35

What’s new for Digital Marketing This Week? We’re giving you a recap of Traffic & Conversion 2015, one of the biggest live events for the digital marketing industry.

There’s a lot of new stuff to tackle, but in the webinar, we’re giving you some new traffic tips, copywriting tips and a quick recap of what went down at T&C 2015.  You can watch full in here…

This Week's Episode:

Let’s start with a quick rundown of what happened in San Diego this weekend…

Day 1: Four Types of Traffic

Think about this in terms of funnels…

You’ve got VIRAL TRAFFIC, traffic that is for DISCOVERY of your brand and then traffic for CONSIDERATION of your brand, and then there are your CUSTOMERS.

Viral focuses on “newsjacking”–basically riding on what is currently viral that lots of people are going to share, where you are targeting eyeballs.

Discovery is focusing on information that would be intended to discover your particular blog or information, where you can direct these eyeballs into a more in-depth explanation of what you have to offer.

Consideration is the opt-in or the purchase.

And then there’s the customer.

– Traffic Topic Tools and are great tools to help get you traffic and tell you what’s trending so you can relate your topic to that.

– Retargeting

Another big trend discussed is retargeting and one thing that was interesting was how they were generating traffic to your offers, by using paid traffic to blog posts.

– Cost Per Pixel (CPP)

This a new term that’s been coined that’s meant to measure everything, in relation to this new retargeting technique which you’ll probably hear a lot more of.  Digital Marketer has a great blog post on CPP here.

– Sales Letter Writing

Perry Belcher was one of the speakers for one of the breakout sessions I attended. Now, if you follow him on Twitter, you get to download this template for a fill-in-the-blanks sales letter.

– Hollywood’s 3-Act Story Formula

Another copywriting centered breakout session I checked out was the Hollywood 3-Act Story Formula, which talks about how the structure follows the same path:

  • Establishing the villain
  • Escalating the hero’s situation
  • Exit with the Final Battle and Life After

This same structure is something that you can apply when you’re developing content for yourself–and if you want to learn more, be sure to listen to the entire webinar for a more detailed discussion.

Day 2 was all about funnels…

– A Few Tips–

Start at the end—don’t start with the lead capture, build up the lead product and go into your lead capture and then you send traffic to it.

Overcoming self-doubt–make it very simple with lots of small steps and allow your prospects to go through these little baby steps.

Quantity not profit–scaling out as fast as possible and going back to these people and offer more.

– How To Close VSL’s

John Benson, largely considered the Godfather of VSLs hosted this very informative breakout session that focused on how to close VSLs.

You want to use modalities–see, hear, feel–and you want to use these different terms across your VSLs to appeal to all these different people.

Then you escalate the problem by painting a picture of what potential challenges they will encounter because they chose to ignore the problem.

And finally, you use loops to subconsciously engage the viewer.

Moving on to Day 3

The topics now focus on the different elements needed when you want to scale your business…

Do not underestimate the importance of a vision and mission. It can help you be more specific when it comes to achieving your goals.

Plan and Forecast is also important to anticipate the changes that you will encounter in the business.

Building a Team that you can grow as you grow your business.

Getting access to capital is also important so that you can expand with ease.

Finally, I wanted to share with you some T&C notes. This is a massive event and as much as you want to attend all the talks and breakout sessions, but it’s physically impossible to do so. Thankfully, Tim Castleman and his team has taken it upon themselves to take down a ton of notes to document what went down in each of these sessions.  I grab them every year and I recommend that you pick up a copy too.

To Wrap Up…

If you’re looking to attend a live event in the future, Traffic & Conversion is a really great option, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Beginners can definitely learn a lot from this, and while experts may already know about some of the topics covered, the event is an incredible networking opportunity.

For a more in-depth discussion of the different topics, be sure to watch the full webinar above. And if you know someone who’s interested in joining the next Traffic & Conversion Summit, be sure to tell them to go! (We'll be there!)

– Mercer

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