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A Direct Response Marketers Pinterest Strategy – Create, Track, Test and Optimize

It’s no secret that Pinterest is still skyrocketing in popularity. This direct response marketers Pinterest strategy will help you take advantage of that trend.  But first, a few interesting facts. According to TechCrunch, Pinterest is the 2nd Largest Traffic Driver Worldwide in social referrals, and the Pinterest demographic is ripe for making purchases: More than…

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Content Marketing Checklist: 10 Tips Before You Publish

Don’t be too quick to hit publish after you’ve finished writing that post! Chances are, there’s a little typo in there or even a glaring error that you probably missed. So I created this quick content marketing checklist to help guide the way. 1. Keyword Specific Your article should focus on a couple of keywords that will…

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The Top 5 Benefits Of Google Tag Manager

Allow me to make a bold statement. Google Tag Manager is one of the best things that’s happened to data-driven marketing in years! I’m fairly new to analytics-centric marketing (been doing it for just over 18 months) and I have been told over and over that if it can’t measure it, then you can’t manage…

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Emotional Copy That Can Improve Conversions Rates

Behind every conversion is a decision that was ultimately driven by emotion.  There’s no faster way to improve conversion rates, than to use the right emotional copy as a “hook” to plugin to the hearts (and minds) of your visitors. Making that personal connection between your business and your audience is important, so what this article talks…

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The Secret To A Highly Converting Landing Page

Your landing pages are the single most important of your site.  They are your “welcome mat” and are the first impression you’re giving to your visitors.  I work with landing pages everyday and have found top landing pages have one huge thing in common… A word of warning though… YOU MUST TEST.  Reading blog posts like…

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Episode #52: Digital Marketing This Week

This week on “Digital Marketer This Week” we cover how you can use IFTTT to manage your social media marketing, conversion optimization myths, the importance of keyword search and Facebook’s new verified badge feature… Catch the full episode here or read a brief recap below… Using IFTTT to streamline your social media marketing… “IFTTT (If This…

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