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This week on Digital Marketing This Week, we covered “A Marketer's Guide To Conversions.”

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This Week's Episode:

But for a brief overview of the topics discussed, including a framework you can use, ideas on where to start and other tips and tricks, check out the show notes!

To start, let’s establish the fact that conversions is a process. it’s all about learning and obviously directly related to split-testing that involves learning your customers language.

You have to understand what drives these different ideas to work.

Every split-tester or conversions optimizer will follow a framework–and in my opinion, there is a single, giant framework on which all other frameworks are based.

All frameworks come down to “Pain vs. Pleasure.”   Human beings, as a species, are built to avoid pain and are extremely motivated to gain pleasure.

Digital Marketing This Week - Conversions - Pain vs Pleasure

What causes pain? Things that cause anxiety or might raise an objection from your users such as overly complicated process or lack of security images.  It could even be caused by a confusing landing page that doesn't stay “on message.”  Your goal is to make sure that you reduce any possible pain point.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have to promoting pleasure. Do you have symbols that will make their anxiety about security go away? Do you use clear, simple words that communicate well?  Is the landing page easy to use with an obvious call-to-action?

(For more examples and a more in-depth discussion, be sure to watch the full webinar above.)

Here are some other things to take a look at:

  • Are your headlines 100% congruent with your content?
  • Do your images support your copy?
  • Did you test it? (Does the page work?)

Digital Marketing This Week - Conversions - It is a process

In Summary…

Conversions isn’t about convincing, it’s about getting out of the way of your prospect. In many cases, a visitor has already decided wether or not they are going to take action from the very second they hit your page. Your job is to get out of their way as they go they buy, optin or click.  If you give them reason to leave… they will.

(Again, for more examples and a more detailed discussion of the topics discussed, be sure to listen to the entire episode.)

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– Mercer

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