Episode #49: Digital Marketing This Week

Here’s the latest in “Digital Marketing This Week”…Apple gets trolled by Samsung, real-time messaging gives insight into team and customer behavior, a new social media platform is taking the world (and potentially your customers) by storm and a lot more…

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Samsung vs. Apple trolling sparks inspiration for marketers

Mad Over Marketing reports how “They [Samsung] cleverly used Google AdWords (and probably spent a lawwwwt of money), and did this. When the entire world was googling for iPhone 6S, they added their own little magic to the internet.”

Digital Marketing This Week - Ep 49 - Samsung ad

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Interesting use of adwords timing, isn’t it? The strategy is called newsjacking, where you piggyback off breaking news to bring attention to your brand. If you’re running your own business, here are a few reasons why you should try to use it…

  • It helps draw attention to your business, website or social media sites and maybe prompt them to learn more about you.
  • It helps your business maintain relevance by tying it into the latest news.
  • It may help you establish yourself as an authority or thought leader–given that you use the strategy wisely.

Final note on newsjacking though…be careful how you use this. You have to be sensitive about what kind of news you’re trying to ride on. Look out for trending news that is actually related to your business and don’t just try to newsjack on an issue simply because it’s at the top everyone’s search lists.

Read about how Samsung newsjacked Apple here

Find out how messaging behavior gives insight into team management and customers

You can use Google Analytics and real-time messaging app Slack to get useful insight into team dynamics and improving customer service…

Slackalytics (in beta) is a simple, open source bot for analyzing Slack messages. Built in node.js, it grabs messages from Slack (using the Slack Real Time Messaging API), does some textual analysis, and counts the occurrences of specific instances of words and symbols. Then, using the Measurement Protocol, it sends the data to your Google Analytics account.

Digital Marketing This Week - Ep 49 - Google Analytics Blog

Here’s how real-time messaging habits can help improve your operations…

  • If you’re using it as a way to coordinate with team members, it gives you insight into who you are in constant communication with, which topics require longer conversations etc.
  • If you’re using it as a way to communicate with clients, it shows you which clients contact you constantly.

Read all about Slackalytics here

Do you use native ads as part of your marketing strategy?

It seems that readers can’t tell the difference between editorial content and native ads/sponsored content that appear on websites…

Native advertising—articles paid for and/or written by a brand that live on a publisher’s site—has emerged as a powerful and popular new advertising tool over the past few years. Media companies like BuzzFeed, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Atlantic have all invested heavily in the creation and distribution of native advertisements on behalf of brands, with many charging over $100,000 for a native advertising campaign.

Digital Marketing This Week - Ep 49 - Native ads

There’s a lot of opportunity here…the nature of native ads means it’s less intrusive to readers, but only if it’s executed well.

  • The idea is that it should blend into your site without distracting the reader. Who cares if it’s paid for by a client as long as you are delivering valuable, relevant content that your reader is interested in?
  • Clients can benefit from native ads by really connecting with their target audience in a way that resonates better with them.
  • It affords companies a deeper and richer level of engagement with their intended audience. Your business isn’t limited to just a few words of copy with an image.

Read all about it here

Should Periscope be added to your social media marketing?

A new live video streaming platform is taking the world by storm: Periscope. Should you be on it?

I believe Periscope will change how you interact with your fans, prospects, and customers for the better…

…Periscope is just a few months old, and you can be one of the first few people who do it.

It could be a passing social media fad, but in the spirit of striking while the iron is hot…

  • It does help add another layer of engagement with your audience. The idea that it’s a live stream gives it a sense of being more involved and connected with your users.
  • Derek Halpern said it himself…”Even if Periscope disappears in 2 months, you’ll still have the opportunity to interact with your prospects and customers in a way that they want to interact right now…”
  • I see a lot of potential here for customer service where you can easily shoot and stream quick how-tos or Q and As.

Read all about it at Social Triggers

Making the case for testing…

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again…You can’t optimize what you don’t test.

ConversionXL gives you a great article on the best practices of split testing…

In the interest of optimizing your page and raising your conversions…

  • Learn about the myths surrounding split testing
  • Read about the basic dos and dont's
  • Find out which tests are most effective

It’s a great resource collection that makes a clear case on why you should always, always test.

Read all about it here

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