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On this week’s Digital Marketing This Week, we’re giving you a marketer's guide to split testing.

We'll  tackle tools you can use to split test, how most marketers screw up split tests and how to figure out what to split test.

This Week's Episode:

Let’s start by talking about what is split testing?

Digital Marketing This Week Ep 39 - Split Testing Title

Split testing is basically software that presents two different options to your visitors–so that visitor A sees option 1 and visitor B sees option 2.

Now, there are 2 kinds:

  • A/B tests
  • Multivariant tests

Let’s go into this…

Digital Marketing This Week Ep 39 - AB Tests

This is what professional optimizers do because you are able to test one element at a time–an image, VSL copy, tagline etc, which makes it easier to tell what single element you changed that lent itself to failure or success.

Digital Marketing This Week Ep 39 - Multivariant Testing

For multivariant testing, this is where you start testing multiple elements on your page and you test them all at the same time. You get several variations, which the software can generate easily, but it’s now harder to tell which element actually made an impact.

That Said, We Can Now Move On To The Market’s “Language…”

Everybody’s market is unique and different and how you market to them will be completely unique and split testing will help you learn that.

Which Now Leads Us To…The Hypothesis…

Digital Marketing This Week Ep 39 - Test Hypothesis

You’re job now is to figure out WHY you’re testing this–what are you able to learn and what is the theory behind it?

(We go into a more in-depth discussion of the process and walk you through the whole process on how to hash it out in the webinar, so be sure to catch the full episode at the top of this post.)

How Do You Know What To Test?

My advice is to measure EVERYTHING.

Quantitative and qualitative data; analytics, heatmaps (tools like Hotjar or Crazy Egg), surveys where you can get user feed back etc.

Bottomline is…ASK YOUR MARKET!

How are they using this page, how can you make it easier for them? What can you do to make the entire user experience more ideal for your users.

Finally, Here Are Some Split Testing Tools You Can Use:

Digital Marketing This Week Ep 39 - Split Testing Tools

Be sure to watch the full webinar to catch all the details and tips discussed on split testing and if you have additional questions, be sure to leave a message on the comment section below.

– Mercer

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