Digital Marketing This Week:
June 7, 2014

This week we covered the new Enhanced Ecommerce reports (soon to come to a Google Analytics near you!), Facebook's “explanation” of how Organic content can work, a three step copywriting formula for social media and more.

It's always recommended to view the full video (about 20 minutes long) but, if you prefer, here's a summary of headlines with links:

  • Hangout Buttons Go Live
    Not using Google Hangouts yet?  It's time to start thinking about it.  Especially now that you can install a Hangout button on your site!  There are many ways that you can use this little feature—if you’re a coach, you can provide the link as an added service for your online business, or use it as customer support to instantly connect your clients to a live rep.
  • Facebook Says Organic reach still works (sort of)
    Maybe you've been hit by the recent change Facebook made to how they share Organic content (posts, shares, etc.).  It's been pretty controversial and Facebook recently posted this Q&A to help marketers figure out what to do next.
  • A New Way To Use Video On Facebook
    There's a new call to action possibility that Facebook is making available to a limited few.  Imagine the goldmine of possibilities that having a “Learn More” button at the end of your video could provide!  If you happen to have a Facebook rep, they can even help you setup a retargeting list of people who have viewed your video.  Our guess is that will end up rolling out to the rest of us soon enough.
  • How To Write Copy Using Three Words
    We found this gem on  It's great way to keep your copy focused and on point… not to mention it REALLY helps kick your social media shares into high gear.  (After all, if they contain more engaging copy, they'll get more clicks, shares and likes!)

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– Mercer

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