Digital Marketing This Week:
July 5, 2014

This week on Digital Marketing This Week:

Copyblogger looks into what makes a blog great, Facebook admits to a discrepancy in their engagement metrics, “dpom” points out why you should look into creating value for your ads and James Clear talks about how rituals can help with productivity.

Watch the full video for the entire discussion —- or catch the headlines summaries below:

This Week's Episode:


1. Copyblogger tries to answer the question—”What makes a quality blog?

Copyblogger surveyed over 1,000 bloggers to determine what made a great blog post. In short… “Publish less, write more.”

What exactly does this mean? We go over this and more in the webinar!

2. Inside Facebook points out a glitch in the new Facebook algorithm

Have you notices a reporting glitch on your Facebook Pages? This weeks DMTW takes an inside look at one example and lets you know when Facebook says it’ll be fixed.

3. dpom points out Facebook’s new survey feature

Why has Facebook started surveying users about the ads they show? It could mean you need to make a huge adjustment to how to you prepare your future Facebook ads. We go over what we think you’ll need to do differently to stay ahead of the curve.

4. James Clear asks—“What makes a good ritual?

James Clear is one of our favorite “go-to” authors on habit building. We’ll review a recent post on “ritual” and how easily you can create you own. (Hint: You’re already doing it!)

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