How To Create Great Offers – Digital Marketing This Week – Episode 36

Today on Digital Marketing This Week, we’re going to be talking about how to create a great offer–

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We'll be discussing different ideas on types of offers, various ways we can create offers and how to know if your offers will work. (For best results though, we always recommend you watch the recording below).

This Week's Episode:

Let’s begin by talking about what “offers” are–


There’s all sorts of different types of offers, you can do…

  • Powerpoints slides
  • Webinars
  • PDFs
  • Demonstrations
  • Whitepapers
  • Templates
  • Free tools
  • Free trials
  • Consultations
  • Coupons or discounts

Basically these are things that you think can add value to what you’re offering. And once you’ve determined that, you have to ask yourself, ‘is this offer any good?’

Is It Any Good?

You have to think of this in terms of the value that people are giving for the value they are getting–does it offer more value than I’m asking for?

The next question to ask is: Is it focused?

Is It Focused?

How targetted can you get your offers to be? The offer that you’re creating should be very specific to that particular person you want to target.

The final thing you want to ask is: will it work?

Will It Work?

You have no guarantee that your offer will work, but you can test it with your market to see if it work. It’s your market’s opinion that matters, and you want to make sure that you’re testing all these offers with your audience to see how they respond to it.

So how can you swing the probabilities in your favor? Let’s take our company as an example…


We wanted to create a Seriously Simple Analytics funnel and we wanted to target people who are new to Analytics. So what we did was to create several blog posts (like this) and DMTW episodes on analytics (like this) just to see how our market responds to this kind of content.

Turns out, it was received pretty well–which means there’s a market for it!

While it wasn’t necessarily an offer, we were creating content that led us to see that there was interest in the subject matter. This led to the creation of a PDF offer, which was a guide on setting Google Analytics goals, that we advertised on Facebook to get it in front of the market.

From there, we sought to target people who are likely to need Google Analytics help. For example, we targeted people who followed the ‘Internet marketing gurus’, another group was of people who liked our Seriously Simple Marketing Facebook page, another target example used were people who liked various analytics tracking product pages.

We tested those different groups and we got such varied responses that now allows us to fine tune our strategy, which we talk about more in the webinar, so be sure to listen to the entire recording.

4-Part Structure

This is a basic 4-part structure that you should follow when you’re creating your offers:

Digital Marketing This Week - 4 part structure

– You start with what it’s for…

In my case, as in the example I stated above, it’s a PDF that can help you set up goal on Google Analytics.

This also talks about who it’s for, which could be people who know of Google Analytics but aren’t necessarily familiar with how it really works.

– What it is…

It’s an 11-page PDF that offers a step-by-step guide on how to set up goals on Google Analytics.

– Why it works…

It’s a free service that takes you through step-by-step and gives you access to a resource person if you have questions.

– And finally, how to buy…

You can opt in for an email– (that's the action we want the market to take).

To Summarize…

Digital Marketing This Week - summary

We hope today’s topic gave you some ideas on how to move our marketing efforts forward. Remember, if you start thinking that these topics are getting too overwhelming for you, all you have to do is choose a single point, act on it, and familiarize yourself with it. Take it in in bite-sized pieces; you can always come back to this post for more.

If you think this post was useful, feel free to share it with other and if you have questions or comments, be sure to leave me a message in the comment section below.

– Mercer

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