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Top Tips To Secure Your WordPress Site

Whether you’re using a free or premium WordPress theme, one of the biggest concerns about running a site is security. A recent study reports that 70% of WordPress blogs are left vulnerable to hacker attacks. Here’s a collection of tried and tested security guidelines that can help keep you ahead of the pack… 1. Start At…

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Digital Marketing This Week: Episode 18 – Google Analytics: Who Are My Visitors?

Welcome to another episode of Digital Marketing This Week—and we’re going to be talking about Google Analytics. We will be breaking this up in several sessions just so we can cover a lot of ground. This week’s topic is all about getting to know… Who is visiting your site, What browser’s they’re using, How many…

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Empathy Maps – The Key To Getting To Know Your Audience

Sometimes, you’re so focused on the “metrics of marketing” (things like open rates, revenue and sales) that it’s easy to forget these numbers are driven by real human beings clicking, reading, scrolling, and engaging with your content. So, how do you put yourself in your visitor’s shoes? How can you know what they want? Are you even sure…

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Is Your Website Scaring Customers Away

Is Your Website Scaring Customers Away?

Could your website be scaring away customers? You’d be surprised how one little change can make your sales funnels more appealing (and improve those conversions)! I covered this exact question during a recent talk I gave at the Performance Marketing Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, and figured I’d share a summary of the answers…

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Digital Marketing This Week:
Episode 17 – Affiliate Marketing

For the latest episode of Digital Marketing This Week, we’re tackling affiliate marketing and 7 simple steps on how to do it better. To find out what the one thing you should absolutely avoid when it comes to affiliate marketing, be sure to listen to the entire webinar. In the meantime, here’s a quick summary…

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5 Psychological Triggers That Improve Conversions

Details. That’s what it boils down to when it comes to content marketing and improving your conversion rates. And if you’re smart about it, you’ll take your cue from psychology. These 5 little triggers and hacks have been known to influence humans on a personal scale…so it’s about time that you familiarize yourself with these little…

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